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Popping Up

October 27, 2015 Cinema e TV 0

Popping Up! – documentary – 60 min

Some call it lowbrow, others call it pop, the truth is visual arts today are definitely burying the precepts of modern art and at the same time are getting closer to the common man. Art has never been more open and the prophecies of pop master Andy Warhol are all coming true. Popping Up! shows several layers of this diverse universe known as pop art is repositioning concepts of art today and gaining more and more space in Western world culture.

A 50-minute version of this documentary was shown on Arte 1 and Curta!, Brazilian cable TV channel. The 60-minute version is now on VOD at Vimeo (worldwide) and Prime Video (UK and US) and contains images taken at the Art Basel Miami Beach fair.

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Popping Up! – VIMEO

Popping Up! – Prime Video (US and UK)